Donna Karan Sweater

Donna Karan Sweater

The Story

Just in case you were wondering why I am parting with these beautiful, barely worn (and some not at all) designer clothes……

I finally lost the baby weight and very tired of those sweats! So I shopped and shopped and had an incredible new wardrobe of all my favorite designer labels (Loro Piana, TSE, etc.) only I didn’t realize that you don’t wear expensive dry clean only clothes to the park or any place else where children are going to cover you with those sticky hands.

I had no idea! What I really needed was casual clothes that can be laundered. And the other big reason these amazing clothes are up for grabs: I lost even more weight. I never would have guessed that I would be 2 sizes smaller than I ever was before. These are now too big and I am planning on it staying that way.

When my husband asked if I was starting a clothing museum, I knew it was time for them to go. And I need to make some room in my closet for the new ones. So my loss is your gain! You are getting some incredible clothes that have hardly been worn – and some not at all. Enjoy these beautiful clothes and give them a good home.

Many of my items up for sale have never been worn and have just been sitting in the closet. The tags were removed when they were purchased so my husband has no clue how much I spend. Most were purchased at Neiman Marcus.

Donna Karan Sweater

Donna Karan Sweater (cached image)

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