Red Hand-made Vash The Stampede Anime Coat (Trigun)

Way back in High School I was big into anime, and chief among my favorites was Trigun. At the time, my brother and I were running our own little geeky anime group and we were a fairly tight-knit bunch. One girl in the group and I had long been attracted to one another. We had tried the dating thing, it hadn’t worked out, but we remained very close. I’m still not sure if that was good for either of us, but that’s what happened. She thought I was sort of like Vash the Stampede (which is absurd of course, I’m just a very normal-looking nerdy sort of dude). Nonetheless, she took it upon herself to construct this coat from scratch, using only pictures from the series as guides. It took her several months in her spare time, but she managed to obtain my measurements surreptitiously and then present it to me as a complete surprise on my birthday. I have a picture somewhere of me triumphantly wearing it and then nearly killing her with a bear-hug. It was a spectacular birthday present, and the fact that it was so true to the series made it even better. I wore it to two Ohiocons (I have naturally spiky hair, so the Vash look came easy) and then never wore it again. She and I are still good friends, and I’m not sure she even knows how much I appreciated this gift.

Vash The Stampede

Vash The Stampede (saved image)

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