NWT Jasmine Bridal Couture Gown

I purchased this dress in 2007 from Mecklenburg Bridal Gallery for a wedding that never happened (but hey! he’s married to his mistress, who knew about me, and I’m sure they are living happily ever after, so good for them!).

The good news is, you don’t need to worry about me or feel sorry on my behalf, the called off wedding was the best thing that ever happened as I am now quite the hot commodity and look a lot better than I have ever looked…true story. And, he really was a loser. According to the grapevine, still is. So that’s awesome.

Please contact me with any questions! Oh, no returns accepted, but I feel positive this dress was meant for someone’s big day so I have absolutely no worries that you won’t be in love the moment you see it. With the dress. Or me. But definitely not him. (and who says black is the new bitter when it could very well be a new white wedding gown?!…I kid, I kid).

Bridal Couture Gown

Bridal Couture Gown (saved image)

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