Beautiful Wedding Dress with Veil and a True Story

A couple of weeks ago I pulled into the yard of a young family who were in the process of “downsizing” from a proud but humble Michigan farmstead home with barn and outbuildings to a two bed trailer on a trailer park .

This is obviously a very bad time in their lives, but they put up a brave and dignified face as a youngster played with the dog in the yard. I bought a sink and a “free TV” (didn’t work),and as I was loading the car, the lady invited me to take a stroll through the house and take anything I could use… for free…

In the corner of the living room on a hanger was this wedding gown…I commented on how beautiful it was and she said I could take it if I knew someone who could use it. I said that I did know someone, but insisted that she should not ever give up her wedding gown. She told me that she had absolutely no room to keep it in the trailer and she would be delighted if someone else could make happy use of it. It cost $850.00 probably about 12 years ago.

It isn’t the right size for the person I had in mind, so I am putting it up for auction here with my sincere personal assurance that every penny that this dress makes at auction will go directly to the family concerned.

Wedding dress and veil

Wedding dress and veil (saved image)

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