Mystery Curve Haute COUTURE Satin Strap Platform Shoes

when i first bought these shoes, unusually for me, i bought em vintage new. i dont think the seller knew much about them; however, she did know they were good. Real Good.
when i received them, i knew the seller’s estimation was correct.
the thing is, neither of us could read the label. & there were no other identifying marks, no size, no made in, no nothing. zip zilch zed nil nada nought.
okay, i’ve had em for a while, still couldnt read the label, still had no idea what they were about, other than that they’re quality. came time to sell em
[ tried on once, indoors. time to sell ]
& i tried to figure it out again. indecipherable. sorta.
here’s a good tip, if you need one:
i did some google searches based on one or two syllables i could kinda make out. this brought me to a lot of pictures of lightning.
& one dress. one runway dress.
turns out, mr Yildirim “Lightning” Mayruk is a major haute couture designer.
in turkey.
{ i know those words dont really seem to go together, but }
apparently they work better than one might think. ie: the americans dont know him, but the italians do.
if that wasnt good enough, when he is paired w/ other designers, they tend to be
{ i’ll be brief to give an idea. dont wanna keyword spam }
stella mccartney, alberta ferretti, alexandre herchcovitch, gaspard yurkievich, etc & ect. i imagine from here you can follow.
now, finding this out this took awhile. made me feel a bit like nancy drew.
{ a little. }
so, for all that, at the very bottom of this very page, i’ve included some runway photos from the man i believe considered Turkey’s premiere couturier.
{ apologies, my turkish is only slightly worse than my italian. }

Mystery Couture Platform Shoes

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