Men’s Tie – St Michael – WAS I TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL?????

Today, I was out shopping at my local thrift store….I stopped to look at the ties – because they always catch my eye. I was busy looking at the ties and was kneeling down in front of the display, when suddenly I felt someone (or something) touching my back. I truly thought that it was a little child that had snuck up quietly behind me. That was what it felt like – a child reaching out to touch me as they steadied themself against me. I quickly turned around, because I hadn’t realized that there was anyone in the store near me. Guess what….I was alone. It was the strangest feeling. Had I just had an “encounter”? My heart was pounding and I was definitely “creeped-out”. Then, I realized that the tie I was holding was this one – ST. MICHAEL. Was this a sign to buy this tie? Is St. Michael the patron saint of thrift stores and bargains?? I quickly grabbed my ties and made for the check-out. I asked the store employee if there had ever been any unusual happenings. She was not aware of anything but said “You know, this building has been here for years and years….you never know……” YIKES!

St. Michael tie

St. Michael tie (saved image)

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