Haunted BROTHEL GHOST! SS Native American Ring WARNING!

haunted ring

Madame’ Prudence Leopalde, and Madam Grace tended strong their business and thrived in a time when women worked hard, lived hard and sometimes died hard. During Indian raids and during times when there was revolutionary lawlessness…it was believed there were certain hidey-holes, and a secret crawlspace or two for hiding valuables – customers – and themselves. DISAPPEARANCE:

They ran a grande establishment. Then in the fall of 1840, both, Madame’ Leopalde and Madam Grace disappeared. Just vanished. Also missing were four young women.

The rumors were abundant, however no-one persued the search for the two MADAMS and four of their fine LADIES for more than a few weeks.

By spring of 1841, another Madame had steped farward to claim the business…and the business was back up to running again at full throttle. The building and its thriving business held its own, through one owner and Madame to another until 1943, always remaining with the Sign Post of the “House of Prudence”.

On many occasions, a start would cry out that someone had seen the Ghost of Madame’ Prudence in one of the hallways or upon the Grande Staircase that led to the upper floor.

In January 1943, as part of the war efforts, the federal government ordered all brothels in the United States to be closed. It was at this time that the BROTHEL closed ts doors for good and a decayed structure was demolished in 1966.

Now only a vague memory, the hustle and flow of the SOILED DOVES and their business has fallen by the way side. The building long gone to industry and economic advancement.

On Feb 8th 1975, a man dozing an area of a Business District, uncovered a single suitcase in the Texas earth. In it were items believed to have belonged to Madame’ Prudence Leopalde. She had packed Cash, Gold Coins, Jewelry, Modest Clothing, and enough Opium an laudanum to have lasted a lifetime.

The find led to more digging, that uncovered nothing out of the usual. However, it was noted that there was quite an elaberate underground passageway that possibly led from the orriginal CARRIAGE HOUSE to the grande BROTHEL. The case of the missing Madam’s was never re-opened…howeveer, speculation that the Underground Passageway had collapsed. To this very day, the bodies have yet to be found.

I, myself, encountered the spirit of Madame’ Prudence, not long after I accepted her cache of Jewelry for re-sale. Most has gone to and was sold at local market.

Her SILVER RINGS, however, I held onto…with great hope to allow Ebay’s Finest a chance to own a piece of HISTORY and a REAL SPIRIT PIECE.

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Brothel Ghost! Haunted Ring

Brothel Ghost! Haunted Ring (cached image)

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