Gucci Briefcase – New Never Used – Awesome – No Reserve

My ex gave this to me, sort of. Funny story though so let me explain. We were in St Louis shopping and she found a purse she just had to have. Of coarse it was $1000+. Her easy solution was for me to apply for a credit card. So me thinking this was the one I did and bought her the purse. To be fair she bought me some things. Gucci shoes, this brief, Robert Graham shirts (Ok that one was me) and a pair of True Religion jeans. I havn’t quit figured out how these gifts were from her when they were all placed on the cc in my name. Somehow I was and am the one paying the bill also. Anyway she cheated and I fired her. Now I am trying to recover from the nightmare.

Gucci Briefcase

Gucci Briefcase (saved image)

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