Blond Champaign Mink Fur Stole Andes Furs York Pa

I found this at a Estate sale ready to be thrown out, The lining and pockets had been totally ripped apart , as was other articals in the pile. I found the family was looking for something and just tore things up trying to find it. I rescued this beautiful fur and did not know if it could be restored or not. We do not have a furier nearby so I took it to a tailor and believe it or not, it is totally restored, all hand stitched, will last forever. Before taking to the tailor I was scanning over the damage and deep in one of the pockets at the bottom where it had be ripped open was 4 numbers written small in ball point pen. I think that is what they were searching for, perhaps ATM #, Combination #, Lockbox # etc. Due to the place I found the number I don’t think no one else would have found it. It is still visible, even after the repairs but the pocket has to be turned inside out.

Mink Fur Stole

Mink Fur Stole (saved image)

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