Vtg Louis A Johnson Equestrian/Officer Boots ~Nettleton

This is a vintage pair of Nettleton’s leather Officer’s boots, sold by the J. O. James Shoe Company, out of Petersburg, VA. Also known as equestrian or riding boots. They are marked on the inside tops of the boot cuffs. Thee very boots were owned by the honorable Louis A. Johnson, a name that is well-known in my native Clarksburg, WV. Louis Johnson was a political figure during multiple presidencies and even graced the front of TIME magazine. He was Assistant to Secretary of War under Franklin D. Roosevelt. He was also his personal representative in India for a short period. Mr. Johnson later was named the nation’s second-ever Secretary of Defense under President Harry S. Truman. He was in the middle of many historical moments including the use atomic weapons and the Cold War. On top of his military background, he also had an extensive career as a lawyer, founding Steptoe and Johnson, which is still in business. Also, Johnson was an original founder of the American Legion and one of its first Commanders. Louis Johnson had an estate here in Clarksburg and a recent auction of the Johnson property saw many of his belongings go up for bids. These boots were won at this particular estate auction, which was held at his former home, right around the corner from my house. Condition: These boots are in worn condition. They were used, by Mr. Louis A. Johnson himself!

Equestrian boots

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