VTG Authentic 20’s Green summer dress XS-S Mob Story

It belonged to my Great Aunt who was very colorful. We have saved it “as is” because of its history. Her haunts included New York and New Jersey. She had gone to a wedding in Atlantic City where she claimed that the hotel was so glorious that there was real fur on the windows for drapes! She was a beautiful slender bleached blond who loved life and played hard. She could sing and dance. She also had a notorious boyfriend. They were out with friends and a killing took place. This dress got some blood splatter on it. Two small velocity spots on the back, which show in the photo if you look close because they are small and a few more on the front and back of the bottom of the dress. You can see where a spot near the knee had been attempted to be wiped off but her friend had told her to leave it as the dress would be her proof if she needed it. Not sure what that meant but that is how the story was told to me. One relative had tried some CSI research and was told it looked possible.

Vintage Authentic 20’s Green summer dress

Vintage Authentic 20s Green summer dress (saved image)

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