A BRIEF BIO:Norman Aronson,former naval officer, entrepreneur, publishing executive, and restaurant owner. Born in Washington, DC, he was the son of the late Herman and Bertha Miller Aronson. He attended Wharton Business School while serving as a Lt. in the U.S. Navy from 1942-1946. A graduate of Georgetown University Law School with a B.S. in Business and Publishing Administration, 1947, and a JD, 1949. He was Vice President of Esquire Magazine, NYC from 1951-1975. He was the President and Publisher, Best Publications, Inc., and the Book of Bests, NYC. An avid cook and wine connoisseur, he was Entrepreneur, Investor, Founder, and President, The Kings Court Restaurants, Princeton, NJ and Charlottesville, VA. He was also the previous owner of Johnny Bostons Restaurant, Trenton, NJ. President, The Service News Stands, Pentagon Bldg., Washington, DC. In 1990, he was a recipient of the ”Lone Sailor Award” honoring veterans who became successful in their lives and careers while exemplifying the core values of honor, courage, and commitment. He was a member of the Nassau Club in Princeton, NJ and the University Club in Manhattan.

Vintage Handknit Icelandic Hat

Vintage Handknit Icelandic Hat (saved image)

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