Vintage Hand Sewn Loafers 10.5D Rand Trujuns Buckle

I lived in the South when Forest Gump came out and my girlfriend luuuuuuuved it. So, we took a trip to Bayou Labatre, AL and it was like a freakin’ time warp!?!
Very Mayberry. Took tons of photos, went to the Main Street kinda road, found a diner (Twin Peaks style), and a few doors down was an old men’s clothing store. It was closed and clearly had been for a very long time. Some kid saw us looking in the window, said “that’s my papa’s stuff”, girlfriend said “could he let us in”, kid takes off, they return in 10 minutes. We go in, get a really cool (long) story about the place and the town, and looked thru a few dozen pairs of shoes STILL IN BOXES, some suits, accessories and such…most of the shoes were size 12 and up, these were the only in my size. We bought the whole lot for a friends vintage store, I kept these.

Vintage Hand Sewn Loafers

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