Stetson Derby

Stetson Derby Stetson Derby Price tag

This vintage Stetson hat was sold by The Carlson Company in Britain (see above gold embossed stamp in leather band). I found an interesting tidbit online which referred to the Carlson Company as the place where Humphrey Bogart bought his signature fedoras.

After seeing similar labels, I think this hat was most likely manufactured sometime before 1940. You can see in one of the photos, the actual price when new was $5.00.

The previous owner did sign his name on the leather band. You can see where the nib of the fountain pen dug in slightly in the leather. I can’t make out the name. The “H.G.” is clear, however after that I’m stumped. Looks like Du?? after that and below maybe “R” or “A”.

Stetson Derby Signature

Stetson Derby

Stetson Derby (cached image)

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