Shades of Hotel California! – Vintage RARE, soft, sizeS

Okay, this is a crazy memory and certainly reflects the changing era when it was bought.
My older sister went to Hawaii with some friends in 1976 and brought this t-shirt back for me.
The big deal was that my older brother didn’t want her to go on the trip – he thought it was too
dangerous for a group of girls to travel alone!
And this was in the 70s, when air travel was still not really common,
so going to a foreign land – Hawaii – was a biiiiiiig deal!
She also brought back a puca shell necklace (which I still have!),
a coconut seed…(wtf?)…and a pretty funny story about a flying cockroach.
Buy the t-shirt and I’ll send you the story.

Shades of Hotel California t-shirt

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