SAS NIB Time Out Mens Shoes Tripad Comfort 10.5W

My Husband used to be a police officer which meant alot of hours on his feet especially if he worked extra security Jobs such as the one he had at SAMS Warehouse. He always complained of back pain from being on his feet alot. Low and behold, his mother caught wind of his ailment. The very next Christmas she took it upon herself to buy my husband this wonderful pair of shoes. Keep in mind my husband was only 32 at the time…not 62. He immediatlety started laughing when he opened this gift because he just new he had opened his 82 year old grandfathers present by mistake. IT WAS NO MISTAKE and his mother was SO proud of herself. To this day I still get a good laugh when we talk about the unveiling of the shoes…LOL.

Time Out Mens Shoes

Time Out Mens Shoes (cached image)

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