Python Bag and Shoes

Python Bag Python Heels

There is a funny story about this: the owner of the purse was with her husband stationed in Hong Kong, Thailand and other parts of Asia in the 1950s and into the early 1960s. At one time, there was a large python living under their house, and so they had someone come in to remove and dispose of it. They were asked if they wanted to use the snake skin for anything and my client said yes, she wanted some shoes and a handbag made for her. THIS is the bag! And the heels that match it I have listed separately (size 7.5).

Although she wore the matching pumps a few times, she could never bring herself to ever use this purse, as she would feel bad thinking about that python under the house!

Python Bag

Python Shoes

Python Bag/Heels (cached image)

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