Original GEN CON 11 Convention T-Shirt NEW NM!

Provenance: This shirt (one of two) was received as a gift from former TSR designer, Steven R. Marsh shortly before I left Dallas in 2009. Steve worked at TSR as a designer and editor in the very early years of TSR (late 70s) and wrote/edited the Expert D&D rule set and the first TSR mini-game SAGA.

Personal Comment: I attended GEN CONs bracketing this convention … in 1977 with my brother and a buddy (we camped in Big Foot national park south of Lake Geneva and played in the convention tournament), then again in 1979 with Judges Guild, and likely one more time in 1980 (working the JG table, even though I no longer was employed by them). I wouldn’t attend a Midwestern GEN CON again ‘til 1987.

Gen Con t-shirt

Gen Con t-shirt (saved image)

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