New Wedding Dres San Patrick 12 14 Ivory Mermaid Style!

It’s a sad story. I got married in Venice, Italy. Because we were taking our honeymoon on the Mediterranean, we had a lot of baggage. I paid for my 2 brothers, my BFF and my pastor to fly to Italy a day earlier. My BFF held the paper tickets (they were not e-tickets-so they had to be presented at check in). My BFF got drunk the morning of her flight (she held all four tickets) and missed the flight, as did my other 3 family members). My pastor had my dress. There were not other flights and there wasn’t time to get my dress from Dallas to Wimberley. Thank God I had a beautiful reception dress to wear. I was devistated.

Mermaid Style Wedding Dress

Mermaid Style Wedding Dress (saved image)

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