Manolo Blahnik Gorgeous Gold Heels 38.5 EUC

I love love love these shoes but I’m a new mom and my feet got bigger by a size and a half after the baby – boo! I have only worn these shoes twice to back tie events. Actually funny story about how I bought them, I was on my way to a black tie party NYC and my heel broke – just as I was about to walk into the hotel. So I hobbled to the concierge and asked if they happened to have a shoe repair guy in the hotel. He said no but that the hotel was connected to Barney’s (!) So I hobbled to Barney’s and texted my husband about my shoe-tastrophe. It was a random weeknight in the summer so there was hardly anyone in the store let alone the show section except – Aretha Franklin! So it was me and her trying on shoes. So basically I was defenseless against paying full price.

Manolo Blahnik heels

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