Las Olas 2pc Ladies Xmas L/S Shirt&matching shirt M NEW

I used to look forward to going to Craft Festival all the time to find the crafter who created this beautiful shirt sets and would buy 3 or 4 or season. However, before I got a chance to wear them, they took me off Prednisone and I began to lose weight – almost 80 lbs – so I never got to wear most of them. I am listing two this time around as we are cleaning out my closets in preparation for another potential move (due to husband losing job of 25+ years). My dear sweet husband snuck off at a craft show in 2007 and purchased this one for me and gave it to me for Xmas 2007; however we moved Jan 2008 – and we were so busy packing and flying cross country to Las Vegas (as he had to start work immediately) and I had to house hunt in 5 days – we went through the entire holiday season without barely noticing it – and who had time to dress for the occasion. So it has a great deal of sentimental value to me and I was holding onto it for that – but now that there is a chance that we may have to move, yet again, sentimental things no longer become valuable. You keep the memories in your heart, you don’t pack them and move them yet again. Logic prevails!

Las Olas Shirt and Skirt

Las Olas Shirt and Skirt (cached image)

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