Hockey Jersey

Hockey Jersey

This is the story of how this jersey made it on to Ebay
STEVE’S #69 Organ Grinder Hockey Jersey went something like this;She: “Honey, how old is this vintage hockey jersey, I’m going to put it on Ebay?”

He: (looking at me quizzically) “Vintage? it’s not VINTAGE!.”

She: “Well, let’s do the math. How old were you when you played hockey for the Organ Grinder ?”***

He: (after much thought) “22 , why?”

She: “O.K. You’re turning 50 soon, so that makes this jersey 28 years old…..and that’s vintage.”

He: (looking confused) “I dunno know.”

She: “Any article of clothing 20+ years old is vintage in my book. Besides, what is old becomes new again. The vintage clothing stores are full of garments from the 1970’s & 80’s.”

He: (still looking perplexed and trying to make sense of it all) “I guess.”

Hockey Jersey

Hockey Jersey (cached image)

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