Collectable Black SpiderMan Costume

I put together this costume myself. ^_^ I made it to wear to the 3rd movie opening. It was fun…I had finished putting it together like 3 months before the movie came out. And I wanted to test drive it. So I put it on and strolled the mall. Some ppl liked it. Some…. Not so much. Now remember this costume covers you from Head to toe. No skin showing. So of course ppl thought I might be there to rob places. No. Just for fun. Well Security wanted me to take off the mask to show my face. Being in a Skin tight suit….. Not gonna happen. ^_^’ So like 10 Security guys ended up Escorting me out of the mall. Scary but fun. Have a good bidding. And to the winner. Enjoy it. You will Love it.

Black Spiderman Costume

Black Spiderman Costume (cached image)


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