My best friend is a gorgeous redhead who is a nurse at a local hospital. Although she is happily married, a doctor at the hospital has been vigorously trying to woo her for months. His latest attempt was this pair of Coach shoes, which he purchased at an airport while traveling with his wife. My best friend tried to refuse them, but he left them beside her car in the hospital parking lot anyway. Mortified, my friend quickly threw the shoes in her car and brought them to me.

Unfortunately, my monster-size-9-feet won’t squeeze into these beautifully expensive shoes, so I devised another plan. I told my computer-illiterate best friend that I would sell them on ebay, hopefully earning us enough money for a Girls’ Night Out, which, I reasoned, was the least my friend should get for having to put up with this Neanderthal hitting on her all day long.

Coach Sateen Tennis Shoes

Coach Sateen Tennis Shoes (saved image)

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