Chicos Platinum Denim Blue Jean Jacket 1 (10,12, Large)

btw, True story…I was wearing this jacket in Costo (looking good with a cute top under) right after the Easter Holiday and Spring Training in Phoenix. A really nice looking man (atheletic build, tall) offered to trade me the cashmere beanie hat I was wearing for his visor. Said his was worth $400. I think he was somebody in the Spring Training world. Didn’t ask. I know you out there that are into sports, would yell about now. But, I never asked who he was. I said, “No”. I really do love that hat that much. But, I think it was the jean jacket that looked so good on me. Kind of a Lucky Jacket, if you ask me. May it be as Lucky for you 🙂

Chicos Jean Jacket

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