Bow T Dorcet – Platform / Slingback

I wanted a pair of Christian Louboutin Bow T Dorcets in Ivory sooo bad for my wedding that I was willing to pay the very high asking price. Little did I know that when I did research I started to have a hard time finding them and it looked like Neiman Marcus was the only ones in my area that would carry them. I went there and they stated that they were “last years” so they didn’t carry them anymore. The only ones that I could find, in ivory and in my size, being sold were on the internet and from China (of course). It was then that I decided that I didn’t care if they were a knock-off or a defected pair as long as I had the style I wanted. I paid $175.00 for the shoes and anxiously awaited the delivery aaannnddddd — in my excitement of finding Bow T Dorcets online >>> I ordered the WRONG style of Bow T Dorcet. I got the platform with slingback when I wanted the cut away side version :-(((

Bow T Dorcet

Bow T Dorcet (saved image)

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