my daughter needs help now, she takes care of me,and also took care of her gram,when gram died,she went in her arms, she’s only in her young 20’s and allrealy been through so much, and now facing my passing, i’m not going to beg,everytime i ask no one seems,to care,so hopefully this time i could help her in need,she give’s her life for others,takes abused animals and also save’s them,and strays too, now she has 9 cats dog,bird and outside ones too, she always respects her elders,and helps anyone out there,she so carring and giving,and never once complains, her boyfriend soon to be husband,he’s also helps her,they make a good team
if i can’t help her, and the pain doing this,maybe the effort wouldn’t be lost if someone benifits this listing, i’ll be giveing web pages for to who need help………..if thats all this gives then worth giving my time and pain in doing this,
god bless

Leopard print outfit

Leopard print outfit (saved image)

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