Tried on twice but never worn wedding gown-David's Bridal T8923Listed for charity

I recently turned 40 and I am still single. For the last five years or so I have been saying that if I was still single when I turned 40 that I was going to wear a wedding dress to my party. It was a few days before my big bash and I still did not have my dress. So, I decided to go all out and go to David”s Bridal. My plan was to buy a dress there as a back up and then return it if I found something cheaper. I paid $225 for this online casino dress, as my back up, and then headed to Goodwill. Of course there I found the perfect dress for $20 and it fit me like a glove. Hours later when I returned to David”s Bridal to return the dress, I found out about their no returns accepted policy. Now I was a pretend bride with two dresses and zero grooms. My party was a hit, so far I have survived 40 and I am tired of looking at this dress in my closet. It is bright white, strapless, and has some bead work on the left hip. It does not have the tag on it because David”s Bridal removed it. I promise it has never been worn. If I told you the truth behind why I bought it why would I start lying now?? It is a beautiful dress that needs to be worn and deserves to have a better story than mine.

David”s bridal gown

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