Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt

Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt

This is a used Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt. This shirt has sentimental value. This shirt belonged to my deceased fiancee. He passed away when our daughter was 11months old just two weeks shy of her first birthday. My little Angle is four now. Time for pre-k!Nothing will give solace from the thought that my angel will never have the father daughter activities or memories with her real father like i have shared with mine.

In the county I live in the public schools only accepts students whose parents are incarcerated or on Medicaid. I do not fall into either category so i had no other option but to place her in private school. In addition to paying for her daycare and private school tuition i have to pay back students loans.

This will help in paying for my daughters tuition.

Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt


  1. amy

    That is so sad…what’s just as weird is that she is selling advertising space on her car, and the fact that many other people on ebay are doing the same…

  2. A different Amy

    In the county I live in the public schools only accepts students whose parents are incarcerated or on Medicaid.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is total bullshit.

  3. Janell

    umm… not to put any doubt on her story, because it is truely sad. But I have never heard of a public school only accepting kids on medicaid or with incarcerated parents. It’s a public school, they can’t be exclusionary unless expelling a student due to behavioral issues. I think the “have to put her in private school” can’t really be true…if so I think her county needs a civil suit brought against it.

  4. abby

    wow, that is so weird. why would anyone want that? why would it be valuable to anyone but her? who honestly believes that public schools anywhere don’t accept some kids – that’s the whole deal with public schools, that anyone can go. weird. i’m glad nobody bought it.

  5. Steph

    Pretty sure that part about the schools is a lie. Is that legal?

  6. Lindz

    Public schools are required to offer free education. What a liar

  7. Lindz

    *free education to all as long as you live within the school district unless you’ve got serious problems, for which I doubt a private school would take you.

  8. nestchick@gmail.com

    Patently false- public schools sccept a;; children everywhere, regardless of their parent’s income or incarceration status. I won’t support such a liar.

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