Oliver Peoples Sunglasses Jack One

Sunglasses inspired by a frame worn by Neil Diamond. The unique ‘JACK ONE’ design has an interesting story behind it… In the late 70s, Los Angeles-based optician Jack Schulsinger hand-molded a standard metal aviator into an edgy, custom shape for one of his regular customers, Neil Diamond. The look was much different from the classic, tear drop, double bridge aviators of the day and soon became a signature style that Neil wore on tours, album covers and in interviews. Each one of the frames were handmade by Jack, so the design was never online casino canada actually put I”m learning something new everyday, and I plan to use those experiences to teach others just as fantastically (yes, fantastically is a word — and kinda” fun to say)! Thoughts on teaching: When I thought back to the subjects in driving ed games that were the most interesting and fun to learn, I realized that it wasn”t so much the subjects as it was the teachers. into production. Oliver Peoples Founder and Creative Director Larry Leight, along with his brother and Co-Founder, Dennis, remembered the buzz around the custom-made style and when they recently stumbled on a picture of Neil wearing it, they were inspired to find a way to recreate it. Dennis Leight started his career in eyewear working for Jack Schulsinger. “Jack was my mentor and I’m thrilled we are making this frame in homage to him and his outstanding craftsmanship,” says Dennis. “It took a few rounds to get the shape exactly as I remember it, but I believe we were able to produce a final product that was very close to the original.”

Oliver Peoples Sunglasses

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