NEW Black Sexy Tunic Top or Dress OSFA Great 4 Summer over bathing suit & travel

Must have been one of those nights when I wake up during the night for 30 minutes or so, pop onto Ebay or HSN (BIG PROBLEM WITH THIS) and shop -and have NO recollection. I, no joke, have an alarm set on my phone that goes off at 8pm every night (West Coast time) and that reminds me to go check HSN and make sure that I did NOT purchase anything that I don”t remember – it has happened THAT Many Times – I checked EVERY night at 8 pm (11 EST) to verify what I did. Apparently, I “sleep shop” – NOT a good habit to have and then I used to be shocked when all these boxes showed up at the door and I have to explain them to my husband- then we figured it out when he slept downstairs a few nights on the online casino’s couch and woke up when he heard me stirring and I apparently am awake enough to do all sorts of things but have NO recall whatsoever. Must be the muscle relaxer and sleeping pill I take every night to keep my spine from tightening up and going into spasms – we have had many good laughs over it and a few strange looks at WHAT I have purchased – so although I don”t recall purchasing this – I can imagine myself looking at it but I can”t imagine myself wearing it as a dress, a tunic top…

Black sexy tunic top

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