1930's/1940s VINTAGE Deerskin? Womens Fringe Annie Oakley Jacket Handmade Sm/Md

I was diagnosed with MS a few years back, and have taken to selling items on ebay to supplement my income, as well as to pay medical expenses. I purchased this at an estate sale. Sad story, the woman, a local resident and artist was giving her home up for foreclosure. The home was a ranch, and the family were riders, homesteaders, artists and creative souls. When I was a child, I wore my great best online casino grandmothers “Annie Oakley” jacket, which deterioated over time. When I came across this, I needed to have the memories. I overpaid “Fran” for the coat, and she told me, “I hope this coat brings you the hope in which you need, when you need it”. So, sadly, I need to sell this now. I”m not at Fran”s point, but we”re really close. Hopefully, this jacket will continue it”s journey!

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